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NITSIG Sponsorship - Hosting A NITSIG Meeting

  • Currently the NITSIG is looking for additional sponsors to support the NITSIG and host a NITSIG meeting.

  • The NITSIG will display your organizations logo on the NITSIG website that will demonstrate publicly your organizations support to the NITSIG and commitment to mitigating Insider Threat Risks.

  • The NITSIG is excited to announce, it has already secured locations in West Palm Beach, Florida and locations in Maryland and Washington, D.C. from sponsors, for NITSIG meetings. The NITSIG is also in talks with other organizations about hosting NITSIG meetings.

  • Please call the NITSIG to discuss sponsoring NITSIG meetings.

The NITSIG greatly appreciates the following organizations and companies

listed below, that support the NITSIG and their commitment to

mitigating Insider Threat Risks.




Insider Threat Defense Group, Inc.

  • The Insider Threat Defense Group (ITDG) has become the Go To Company for Insider Threat Program (ITP) Development / Management Training and Insider Threat Mitigation (ITM) Services.

  • We provide a broad portfolio of training and services to potential clients, that will address Insider Threat Risks with a cost effective, comprehensive and holistic approach.

  • The ITDG has provided training and services to an impressive list of 625+ clients (In Over 14 U.S. States); U.S. Government Agencies (Department of Defense, Intelligence Community), Defense Contractors, Defense Security Service, Critical Infrastructure Providers, Fortune 500 Companies, Aviation / Airline Industry, Spacecraft Manufacturing- Launch Providers, Technology Companies, Banking - Financial Industry, Health Care Industry, and other large-small businesses and global corporations. Client Listing

  • Over 800+ individuals have attended our training and received ITP Program Manager Certificates.

  • The ITDG is considered a Trusted Source for ITM training and consulting services to the following:

U.S. Government Agencies:

  • White House National Security Council

  • National Center For Credibility Assessment - Federal Polygraph Examiners

  • FBI Headquarters

  • FBI Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center

  • U.S. Secret Service

  • U.S. Customs & Border Protection

  • United States Citizenship & Immigration Services

  • U.S. Department of State

  • DHS Infrastructure Information Collection Division

  • Transportation Security Administration

  • National Nuclear Security Administration

  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

  • Defense Intelligence Agency

  • Department of Energy

  • National Security Agency

  • Department of Defense Inspector General

  • Defense Criminal Investigate Service

  • Defense Information Systems Agency

  • Defense Counterintelligence And Security Agency

  • U.S. Central Command

  • U.S. Cyber Command

  • U.S. Army Enterprise NetOps

  • U.S. Army Research, Development & Engineering Command

  • U.S. Army Signal Command

  • U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command

  • U.S. Air Force 35th Fighter Wing

  • U.S. Air Force Cyber Command

  • Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

  • Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

  • Navy Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command

  • Naval Information Force Reserve

  • Naval Criminal Investigative Service

  • United States Postal Service

  • United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General

  • OPM – Federal Investigative Services

  • Government Accountability Office

  • Social Security Administration

  • Small Business Administration

  • Internal Revenue Service

  • Centers For Disease Control & Prevention



  • Microsoft Corporation

  • Dell Technologies

  • Discovery Channel

  • Walmart

  • Home Depot

  • Nike

  • Tesla Automotive Company

  • Symantec Corporation

  • United Parcel Service / FedEx Custom Critical

  • Southern California Edison Power Company / Constellation - Exelon Power Company / Georgia Power Company

  • Visa, Capital One Bank, BB&T Bank, HSBC Bank, American Express, Equifax

  • TransUnion / JetBlue Airways / Delta Airlines

  • And Many More



  • Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

  • University Maryland - Applied Research Lab For Intelligence & Security

  • University Of Texas @ Austin / ARL

  • University Of Massachusetts Lowell

  • University Of Alabama (Huntsville)

  • Oklahoma State University

  • University of Dayton

  • Kansas State University

  • Texas A&M University

  • Morgan State University

  • Auburn University

Law Enforcement

  • DC National Guard

  • New York Police Department

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • Police Executive Research Forum


  • Our client satisfactions levels are in the exceptional range . We provide our clients with the Gold Standard for successful Insider Threat Mitigation. We encourage you to read the feedback from our clients. Client Comments

    More Information:





     Insider Threat Management Group, LLC

  • Mr. Thompson is the Legal Advisor to the National Insider Threat Special Interest Group.

  • Mr. Thompson provides Insider Threat Program development and management consulting services to an impressive list of clients, to include Fortune 100 clients.

  • Mr. Thompson is a licensed attorney with over 15 years of experience investigating and prosecuting malicious employees, and managing Insider Threat Programs (ITP's). He is widely recognized for his insider threat expertise and unparalleled scope and breadth of experience. Mr. Thompson has been involved with creating and managing ITP's for numerous federal agencies. His work with the National Insider Threat Task Force led to the creation of the National Insider Threat Policy and ITP Minimum Standards for Executive U. S. Government Agencies.

Contact Information
Shawn Thompson





  • Veriato develops and supports Internet monitoring software for home users, business, education and government.

  • Veriato 360 Employee Monitoring Software for the enterprise protects your business by monitoring employee activity on their work computers.

  • Veriato 360 can instantly detect insider threats like data theft, employee fraud, data breaches, and productivity loss. Track employee actions and get real-time alerts about dangerous or inappropriate behavior. Review individual and aggregate employee actions as if you were sitting there with video-style screen playback.


Contact Information


Suzzane Parent







Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory

The NITSIG greatly appreciates and thanks the Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory, in Laurel, Maryland, for their continued support by hosting NITSIG Meetings and the Insider Threat Symposium and Expo.

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